Strategic Communication & Business Development

Strategic Communication

Are you a business, organization or government entity looking to create a strategic communication plan to better reach, connect and engage with your audience?  

Business Development

Are you ready for the success that strategic communication brings your company? Tallent Co. has a strong passion for not only incredible communication efforts but also making sure you have the business processes in place to take your company to the next level.  

About Tallent Co.

Tallent Co. was founded by Jesse & Amy Tallent. Jesse’s creativity and passion for art coupled with Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit and a mind for business merge art and business into creative, dynamic strategies that will set your organization apart. More than that, Tallent Co. can guide the success of your organization and keep your purpose at the front of your mind.

Contact Us

We would love to talk with you and hear about what you are working on! The fastest way to contact Tallent Co. is via email at or by filling out and submitting our contact form.

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