What We Do

The Tallent Company has made a name for itself by helping government agencies, businesses and organizations create real impact through communication.  Words like marketing, advertising and branding have become so cliché that trying to reach to a client base or communicate to a community can seem like an unrealistic task.  This is why Tallent Co. believes in strong communication that makes an impact.   We treat our client’s work as our own ensuring that that communication doesn’t get lost in a sea of white noise.   We treat our client’s work as our own because the only way to ensure our client is happy is to go above and beyond what a normal marketing firm is willing to do.  Hiring the Tallent Company is equivalent to hiring an internal marketing staff member because we care about you and the success of your organization. 

Tallent Co. offers monthly communication packages and there is a reason for this.  We do this because we want our client’s communication to be well delivered and effective without cutting corners to save costs as you would with an hourly company. Tallent Co. offers services a marketing professional would.  Social media, news releases, email signatures, letterhead, marketing pieces, and all of your public relations needs.  Anything that your business or organization communicates, is something we want to help you with!  We are Tallent Co. and what we do is #morethanmarketing.

Communication Case Studies

Social Media Success

This client was determined to double their business in the upcoming year but didn’t believe in the importance of social media. The client however, trusted TallentCo. when we emphasized how imperative social media was to his marketing strategy. 

Government Communication Services
This client is a town that was trying to compete with other towns and cities in the surrounding area. Their strategy to stay competitive was to emulate their competitors and try to create similar events and initially they were only interested in hiring Tallent Co. for communication.
Event Management

This client routinely held events each year that were below their anticipated attendance, didn’t fundraise enough money, and didn’t align with their organization’s goals. They were consistently losing money on events and no longer saw the purpose in hosting them.

  1. Who is the right client for Tallent Co?

    A high level of customer service is one of the top priorities of The Tallent Company which means that we don’t take on every client that comes to us. We partner with businesses, organizations and government entities that are transparent, open for strategically changes and willing to have a dialogue with their customers and key stakeholders.  The ideal partnership is when our prospective client is ready to take their business to the next level.  If this sounds like you, contact us today.

  1. What makes Tallent Co. different?

    First, we offer a one stop shop for your communication needs at a rate lower than hiring an internal marketing staff member.  We also have extensive experience in delivering public information as well as public relations.  This means the Tallent Co. team is just as effective at assisting in day to day communication as we are at handling large emergency incidents.  Owner, Amy Tallent, is a certified Public Information Officer and both herself and co-owner/husband Jesse Tallent have experience in the emergency services. 

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