Case Study

Interim Executive Director

We are determined to help organizations get on track to success. Many of our clients need interim executive director services as they ultimately want to hire a full-time director to the program in the future. Some of the organizations we’ve worked with didn’t have the budget to hire full time at the moment or were having trouble finding viable candidates until we were able to get their program running efficiently.

Team Effort to Success

Our biggest task with this client was sustainability and streamlining communication both internally and externally. After creating and completing a business strategy, The Tallent Company worked closely with the board and presented five changes to the program that decreased the annual cost of the program from over $10 million to under $2 million while still accomplishing the program’s goals.  Concurrently, Tallent Co. worked to streamline internal and external communication resulting in thousands of man hours saved while achieving a reach for the program that had not been attained before.

Program Changes

Case Study

Event Marketing

This client routinely held events each year that were below their anticipated attendance, didn’t fundraise enough money, and didn’t align with their organization’s goals.  They were consistently losing money on events and no longer saw the purpose in hosting them.

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