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Employ Massage

Our business is all about supporting businesses on their journey to success! We provide regular workplace chair massage at an affordable price, providing equality in pricing and accessibility to businesses of any size. We believe business can only succeed when families do. And one of the best ways to help families is to address their physical ailments and financial stress. We do that by providing affordable benefits that eliminate (or reduce) out-of-pocket expenses for businesses and employees, and ease pain that can distract from important family time. The result? Improved familial relationships, and increased loyalty for businesses.

Dominic’s Hometown Pizza

Dominic’s Pizza has been a staple in Johnstown for more than 30 years. The town has grown tremendously and we continue to work to grow with it. While our great pizza and community focus hasn’t changed in 30 years, a lot has from print media to the internet to social media. We are Johnstown family owned and operated, with our two business focuses being family and great pizza.

Loveland Business Development Center

We help small businesses start and grow through a combination of free, confidential consulting, business education, and connection to local resources.

Stillwater Ranch

Vision: Saving lives, families, and communities one Veteran at a time. This is done by providing resources and activities for Veterans and their families in a beautiful ranch environment. Our programming promotes the #1 missing component for Vets- comradery- as well as providing alternative therapies, education, and skills training and support for family members. We are growing in a big way right now to in order to reach MANY more Veterans and expand/improve our services. This fantastic opportunity would allow us to exponentially increase their reach and literally save more lives!

Grace Upon Grace

We are a group of three women who feel that we all have an innate purpose, mission, goal—whatever you want to call it–to make the world a better place. There is so much beauty and love in the world we live in, but there is also heartache and pain. As we set out on this journey we call life, we truly feel at the end of the day it is not about what we have accomplished or the money we have made. It is about how we have helped. It is about how we have lifted others up. It is about how we have helped others live with grace and dignity. ​ It is our dream at Grace Upon Grace Project to provide under-served families and infants by providing diapers, wipes, and menstrual products to live and grow with grace and dignity while addressing the roots of social inequities.


Voting has closed. We will announce the winner on December 21st, 2019!

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