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The Tallent Company has a variety of services because our clients have a variety of needs. We began as a communications firm but expanded our services as we found our clients weren’t necessarily ready for the success we brought them. Businesses or organizations need to be prepared for the influx of clients that comes with impactful communication and we can help you with that too!

Business Communication

Business can easily get lost in the sea of marketing. That’s why Tallent Co. has two goals for your organization- to increase your sales and to set you apart. We treat our client’s work as our own because the only way to ensure our client is happy is to go above and beyond what a normal marketing firm is willing to do.

Government Communication
The Tallent Company has made a name for itself by helping government agencies, businesses and organizations create real impact and positive outreach through communication.
Organizational Communication
Is your organization ready to go to the next level? Are you ready for the success that strategic communication brings your company? Tallent Co. has a strong passion for not only incredible communication efforts but also making sure you have the organizational and administrative processes in place to take your organization to the next level.

Case Studies

Social Media Success

This client was determined to double their business in the upcoming year but didn’t believe in the importance of social media.

Government Communication Services

This client is a town that was trying to compete with other towns and cities in the surrounding area.

Interim Executive Director

Our biggest task with this client was sustainability and streamlining communication both internally and externally.  

Organizational Restart

For this client, we walked into a difficult situation. 

Event Management

They were consistently losing money on events and no longer saw the purpose in hosting them.

Event Marketing

This client hosts an annual event and they wanted to increase attendance. 

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