"Make Your Mark."

Tallent Co. was founded by Jesse & Amy Tallent.  Jesse’s creativity and passion for art coupled with Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit and a mind for business merge art and business into creative, dynamic strategies that will set your organization apart.  More than that, Tallent Co. can guide the success of your organization and keep your purpose at the front of your mind. We invite you to click below and learn more about the passion behind the Tallent Co. team.

Amy Tallent
Owner & Operator

With a passion for communication and business, Amy Tallent uses her background and skills to help companies, government agencies and organizations achieve their goals.

Jesse Tallent
Co-owner & Illustrator

Following his passion for art, Jesse Tallent oversees the creative division of The Tallent Company. Jesse is an illustrator so his work is one of a kind and it includes both digital and traditional media.

Tabatha Erb
Account Manager

Tabatha Erb is an intuitive & creative individual that loves to help our clients communicate strategically. 

Breann Lind
Account Manager

Breann is Tallent Co.’s amazing Branding Strategist. She has a strong background in branding and imagery as outside of Tallent Co. she also owns Branding By Bre, a branding photography business.

Carole Minton
Account Manager

Carole is passionate about telling the story of our clients! Combining great digital design with charming content she tells the story in a fresh perspective that brings in the audience wanting to learn more.

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