Here’s the deal

We love what we do. We love our clients. We love helping people and businesses. So to celebrate our success, we want to create more success!  The Tallent Company and our amazing partners are launching The Make Your Mark Program open to businesses, organizations and nonprofits in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. 

The Make Your Mark Program will be helping one company, organization or nonprofit achieve success with SIX MONTHS of FREE communication services! The full list of services this recipient will receive is below.  The services include public relations, branding, print and digital marketing, community outreach, advertising, photography, videography, and so much more! 

We have truly partnered with some of the very best companies in the area to set the recipient up for communication success! Help us share the news and mark your calendars for the application open date of November 1, 2019!


October 11, 2019


November 1, 2019

Application Period Opens

November 30, 2019

Application Period Closes

December 9, 2019

The selection committee will narrow it down to three finalists.

December 15, 2019

Finalists announced & voting opens

December 21, 2019

Winner announced.

This communication strategy includes the following

The Tallent Co.

The Tallent Company will be communication services for six months. This includes advertising management, event marketing assistance, online presence assistance with items like Google My Business and Yelp, editing of your website, graphic design support, news releases, design and delivery of your monthly email campaign, social media creativity & content by our rockstar Social Media Strategist Tabatha Erb and consultation on all public relations, branding, outreach, and external communication needs.

Branding by BRE

Branding photography from Branding by Bre. Your Brand.  Your Story. Your Style. Bre has a one of a kind skill of photography! Her ability to put your company’s mission and values in photography is unmatchable.  Bre is offering headshots for your executive team, three stories, and a half a day photoshoot resulting in 60 finished images.

Dodge Media Group

A 2-3 minute video from the legendary Danny Dodge of Dodge Media Group! Danny Dodge is a name known throughout Colorado and beyond for his ability to story-tell through his experienced videographer.

TPrimmz Digital Agency

A great, user-friendly website from TPrimmz.  TPrimmz is one of the premier web design firms in Northern Colorado. Tyler and his team have created successful, engaging websites for both large and small clients.

Loveland & South

An article and/or advertisement donated from Loveland & South. Loveland & South is a new magazine focused on communicating to Loveland, Johnstown, and Berthoud. This magazine is not only beautiful but incredibly engaging to readers.

Carbon Valley Consumer Report

An article and or advertisement with Carbon Valley Consumer Report. Carbon Valley Consumer Report is celebrating over 20 years of success. Kelly Martindale, owner and operator, has created a publication that is truly read by her audience. Her monthly issues are both online and mailed to every home in Dacono, Frederick, Firestone, Mead and most of Erie giving you access to a great audience! Click here to learn about Carbon Valley Consumer Report.

Loveland Reporter-Herald

Loveland Reporter-Herald, is also joining in with us and offering a credit of $200 towards any form of advertising. Loveland Reporter-Herald has been a staple in our community for many years and we appreciate their support to this program.

Again, the Tallent Company would like to thank our partners for volunteering their time to help create success for the recipient. Check back here on November 1, 2019 for the opening of the application!

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