Case Study

Government Communication Services

The Tallent Company has a strong history working with government organizations including towns, cities, fire districts, police departments, schools, and economic development councils. It is important for government agencies work with a company that has both public relations and public information officer backgrounds.

Government needs marketing too!

This client is a town that was trying to compete with other towns and cities in the surrounding area. Their strategy to stay competitive was to emulate their competitors and try to create similar events and initially they were only interested in hiring Tallent Co. for communication.  With this specific client, we first completed an evaluation of programs, events and services which included surveys to their citizens and businesses.  This evaluation revealed that half of their events were not successful financially and/or were not requested by their citizens and as such, these events were discontinued.  This allowed them to reinvest their budget into communication and strategically researched community events that were specifically requested by their community.    The changes implemented by Tallent Co. not only streamlined communication between the citizens and town officials but also created specialized events and traditions that nurtured a sense of community within the town while saving both time and money.

Client Quick Facts

Case Study

Event Marketing

This client routinely held events each year that were below their anticipated attendance, didn’t fundraise enough money, and didn’t align with their organization’s goals.  They were consistently losing money on events and no longer saw the purpose in hosting them.

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