What We Do

We have an incredible passion for helping businesses not only succeed but create boundless prosperity! If you are a business professional that knows what you need to do but doesn’t have the time or staff to allocate, Tallent Co. can help!  If you are an organization that wants to grow but isn’t sure how, partner with Tallent Co. and use our knowledge and resources to not only create goals but achieve them! Tallent Co. only takes on a limited amount of clients for these services at a time so that we can focus and provide the best service to our clients. If you are interested in these services, please email info@tallentco.com.

Business Development Case Studies

Organizational Restart

For this client, we walked into a difficult situation.  The previous executive director’s contract had not been renewed as the board no longer felt the individual was the right person for the job and the president of the organization quit days before one of their largest events.

Interim Executive Director

Our biggest task with this client was sustainability and streamlining communication both internally and externally.  After creating and completing a business strategy, The Tallent Company worked closely with the board and presented five changes to the program that decreased the annual cost 

Event Marketing

This client hosts an annual event and they wanted to increase attendance. After six months of developing and delivery a communication strategy, this specific event received triple the amount of typical attendance and resulted in more sponsorship then ever in the history of the organization.


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