What We Do

Businesses may think they need social media and they DO which is why they usually contact us! But what they really need is a strategic, impactful communication strategy that spans multiple outlets and reaches your customers and potential customers where they already are. Tallent Co. offers a one stop shop for your marketing needs as a business.

Our business services include the items below and we offer it to our clients as a monthly rate that is less than the cost of hiring a marketing employee. So instead of hiring one person for your marketing needs, hire a whole team that continually stays educated on new trends and opportunities while also remembering and incorporating tried and true methods.


For each of our clients we create and deliver an editorial calendar which outlines strategic campaigns, national and local efforts, events, talking points, and planned advertising for each and every month. Our clients have stated that they feel more organized and set up for success than they ever have because of this impactful document.

We work in two different stages for our clients. The first stage focuses on creation & evaluation. We check every area of your external communication that you have done and evaluate what you may be missing. In this stage, we have you treat us as an actual client so we can also find any onboarding inefficiencies so we can help you make your customers raving fans right away! After that evaluation, we create for you! Whether that’s a new brand, logo, social outlets, marketing material or anything else our clients may need to be successful. Then we move to the second stage which involves the following services.

  • Strategic and Custom Campaign Creation & Management
  • Branding Creation, Management and Protection
  • Public Relations Services
  • Advertising Coordination
  • Events Management & Marketing

  • Social Media Management
  • Website & Online Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design


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